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Aerobics Activity will be held every Tuesday each week at 4.30 pm. All officers, staff and the students are required to attend with a sports dress.


To all students who are interested to join the training sessions of martial arts, membership registration form available at the main lobby IKBN Kemasik.


Student intake to IKBN throughout Malaysia made 2 times a year in January and July. Please make an online application to enter the site.

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Sports Championship IKBN/IKTBN throughout the country will be held at IKBN Kemasik at 23 to 27 June 2014. Among the events will be contested is Golf (Officers only), Bowling (Officers only), Futsal (Men & Women), Volleyball (Men & Women), Badminton (Mixed) Basketball (Women). Please obtain Confirmation Of Participation and The Technical Rules of the Tournament here.

Starting February 2014, martial arts training session has started and is open to all officers/student IKBN Kemasik. Training is held twice a week on Monday and Wednesday (May 5-6.30 pm) will be handled by the Gurulatih of the Association of Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia. Martial arts training is to inculcate the spirit of cooperation, improve discipline, healthy, build confidence and be able to defend ourselves from the threat of the enemy.